Debt Collection & Enforcement of Judgments

Dealing with debts that are owed to you is never an easy task to handle on your own. Debtors will often go through any means possible to avoid and dodge any attempt made to contact them. As if the process of recovering moneys due to you were not already challenging, the delinquent debtors can really make the ordeal escalate quickly.

You may be considering searching for a collection agency in an attempt to get the collection responsibility off your hands. However, experts oftentimes recommend using a debt collection agency as your last resort, once you have obtained a judgment in your favor and against the delinquent debtor. If you have not yet reduced the debt owed to you to judgment, you must first contact a debt collection attorney.

The benefit to choosing an attorney over a collection agency is that, unfortunately, sending letters and making phone calls often is not enough. Most individuals will not take these collection attempts signs seriously, and will not return the moneys owed, but, instead, will hide and avoid contact with the creditor or the creditor’s agents. It means you have to take the matter to court.

If you have been working alongside an attorney from the beginning of your collection efforts, filing a collection lawsuit will be significantly easier. Your debt collection attorney will already be familiar with your case, and will have a head start at determining the best course of action. Documentation of past attempts to reach out to the debtor will already be on file, and will likely assist your case in running smoothly.

Attorney Dania Arencibia, an experienced debt collection attorney at Arencibia Law, can provide the skilled legal assistance for which you are searching. Our professionals can help greatly increase your chances of recovering your debts and collecting on your judgments. With our personalized strategies, we will do everything within our power to oversee that your case is handled effectively and in a timely manner.

Dealing with debt collection and enforcement of judgments successfully requires varying tools. Arencibia Law prides itself in utilizing a range of strategies in areas such as:

  • Domestication of Foreign Judgements, which involves collection of a judgment against a debtor who resides or has assets in other states or foreign countries, and against whom a judgment was obtained in such other states or foreign countries.
  • Asset Searches – Before seeking a collection from a debtor, an asset search is done to determine what funds and properties, which later can be used to satisfy his or her obligations, belong to the debtor.
  • Writs of Garnishment – A court order presented to a third party, such as an employer or a bank, to withhold payment or property to a debtor, and deliver such payment or property directly to a creditor until the debt has been satisfied.
  • Executions – An effective collection tool that involves seizing money or property from a debtor in order to satisfy a judgment, which often involves a sale of the debtor’s property.
  • Charging Orders – Obtained from a court, this order will allow a creditor to satisfy the judgment his or her judgment from any stocks, funds, or land that the debtor owns.

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