Defamation of Character

Defamation of Character claims involve cases against individuals who have written or spoken something that is untrue about you with the intention of negatively impacting your reputation. When this act is put into writing, it is referred to as libel. When the statements are spoken, it is referred to as slander.

Legally, libel and slander are not crimes, but they are classified as torts.  A tort is a civil wrong or wrongful act that results in injury to another person, property, or reputation, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation.

Pursuant to Florida law, a defamation claim must show that the defendant published a false statement about the plaintiff to a third party, and the falsity of that statement caused injury to the plaintiff. In order to win a case of this nature, it is the plaintiff’s attorney’s role to prove that the defendant’s actions satisfied all of the above requirements of a defamation claim.

Defamation of character can occur in many different forms. Some common cases of slander and libel cover topics and accusations such as:

  • Claims that a person has committed a crime with which they were never charged
  • Attacks on a victim’s personal relationships
  • False allegations of an individual’s sexual history or orientation
  • Statements that go against a person’s professional character or standing
  • The broadcast of any rumor concerning an individual that the opposing party knows to be untrue

The examples that are listed above have one major thing in common, and that is that they have the potential of causing significant harm to the plaintiff. When the defendant is aware that the statements they are making are false, and he or she decide to broadcast them regardless of their falsity, he or she can, and oftentimes will, be found liable in a court of law.

Slander Lawyer

If you are a victim of defamation and are suffering due to the circulation of hurtful, fictitious information about you, Arencibia Law can provide options in seeking compensation for the damages caused. It may seem or feel impossible to defend yourself from the onslaught of lies and ridicule being thrown your way, but Attorney Dania Arencibia, our Defamation of Character Lawyer, can help.

Unfortunately, a defamation of character lawsuit can oftentimes be challenging to win. There are many factors that can make it difficult to defend your position. However, Defamation of Character Lawyer knows what strategies to implement in order to prove the damage that has been done to both your person and reputation, and how to obtain proper compensation.

Take the first step in developing your case today, and contact our Defamation of Character Lawyer at (305) 421-6305 or click here to schedule an appointment now.

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