First Party Real Property Damage Insurance Claims

First party insurance coverage is an insurance policy in which an insurer covers damages incurred by the insured in the case of an injury, accident, or some other event caused by a third party. In this case, the insured homeowner is the first party, the insurance company is the second party, and an event that causes damage (such as another individual or natural disaster) is considered to be the third party.

In order to offset the unpredictability of life, most homeowners invest in an insurance policy that will cover their property and belongings in the case of an accident or emergency. This form of protection is usually a no-brainer, as most individuals recognize how important it is to protect their property from unforeseen events.

Your home is one of the most central aspects of your life. It is where you gather with your loved ones, store all of your possessions, and unwind when the day is through. Therefore, when any form of damage is done to your property, it can be absolutely devastating.

Some common instances of major damage being done to a home includes:

  • Fires
  • Hurricanes
  • Mold Infestation
  • Floods
  • Damaged roofing
  • Cracked pipes
  • Break-ins
  • General damage

In a perfect world, homeowners would be able to quickly and easily receive compensation to cover the damage made to their homes immediately after an incident occurs. However, many individuals are unpleasantly surprised to discover that the process is almost never simple.

Property damage claims can be very complicated, and insurance companies oftentimes make it nearly impossible for policyholders to recover for their losses.

As a homeowner policyholder, you may have to face a situation in which your insurance company either underpays for the repairs or outright denies your claim. If you are experiencing these difficulties, it may be time to contact a property insurance lawyer.

Our professionals at Arencibia Law have dealt with countless first party homeowners property damage insurance claims in the past. Our experience enables us to approach cases such as these in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

With our extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of property insurance policies and their frequently misleading terminology, we are confident that we will be able to combat the unfortunate situation you are facing. We will work diligently to determine the steps you should take in order to have your claim paid fast and in full.

Do not lose hope just because your claim was denied or underpaid by your insurance company. Contact Arencibia Law today at (305) 421-6305 or click here to explore your options and find out how you can begin to pursue the settlement you need.

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